HoW We Impact

We GATHER two times a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. At each meeting the next meeting date and location will be announced. Anyone can attend so long as they are willing to donate and vote.

We LISTEN to 3 initiatives present their story. All initiatives/organizations will be local to Leduc and the Leduc County Region, and should be dedicated to educating or improving lives in our region. Each initiative/organization will have previously applied, been vetted by our vetting team, and will briefly present to the event attendees who they are, what they do, and how receiving our funds will IMPACT their cause.

We CHOOSE 1 of the 3 initiatives through an onsite vote. Every person attending will have one vote and will choose one of the three initiatives/organizations to receive all donated funds.

We GIVE $50 per person to the winning initiative. Upon arrival, each attendee will give their donation of $50 to an official IMPACT50 representative, and then they will be given their ballot to vote. Once the winning initiative/organization has been identified, they will be given all of the funds donated.

We IMPACT Leduc and the Leduc County Region. When small droplets of rain come together they can become an ocean. When each of us donates $50 to the same initiative/organization, our raindrops turn into an ocean of IMPACT.